Value Engineering

Rise Consulting Engineers’ Value Engineering is an innovative systematic approach within the planning process to enhance function and quality of the project, while identifying and eliminating unnecessary costs. It is an integral part of the design stage, aimed to generate the greatest value for our clients. At RCE, we take an extensive view at the selection of materials, approach method, design and processes to reflect any alternate cost-effective solution that will achieve the same project objectives.The workshop, which takes place in the design phase of the project, is an important stage of the value engineering planning process. During this process our experienced team of professionals define key criteria and design concepts for the project, performs functional analysis of the facility and offers alternative solutions for the project without compromising the functional and value objectives of the client.

Rise Consulting Engineers follow five key value engineering workshop steps:

  • Information
  • Speculation
  • Evaluation
  • Development
  • Presentation

By closely following these key steps, RCE ensures time & cost efficiency throughout the project while uplifting clients’ satisfaction as the project objectives and values have been accurately maintained.

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