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Sussex St, Sydney

Rise Engineers are the appointed building Engineer for various building defects for this 35 x storey residential

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Pacific Hwy, Greenwich

Structural inspection, assessment and reports of the existing defective masonry retaining wall with carpark slab above.

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Neirbo Ave, Hurstville

Structural and Drainage repair specifications, management of various contractors as the Principal consultant. Repair works including underpinning of existing footings, rebuilt of section of the wall, drainage CCTV camera test and improvement works.

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Mayes St, Annandale

Structural / Remedial Inspection and Repair Specifications for defective terrace external wall. Remedial specifications included underpinning works, localized rebuilt of the wall, installation of expansion joint, structural repair and strengthening works.

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Knightsbridge Ave, Glenwood

Structural collapse of the front porch and entry floors due to water leakage damage to a 3x storey residential property. Rise Engineers provided Repair Specifications, carried out inspections during construction and guided the contractor through to completion of the works.

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Kenyons Road, Merrylands West

Extensive Structural and Waterproofing Damages to a complex of residential townhouses with defective construction works. Preparation of full repair specifications for Structural and Waterproofing repairs as well as improvement works to the existing inadequate Stormwater Drainage system. Tender document preparation, tender return analysis and contract admin for remedial repair works of ~$1.5M.

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Greville Street, Clovelly

Drainage modelling and Repair Specifications for a range of defects. Attending Council meetings providing calculations and DRAINS modelling for approval of the Drainage system.

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Kelso High Campus, Kelso

Structural Inspections and Reports for modifications on roof structure for support of the classroom lights for Kelso High School, Kelso NSW.

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Florence Terrace, Scotland Island

Structural inspection and assessment report of the existing jetty structure.

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Defence Etablishment Orchard Hills

Remedial Structural diagnostic Inspections & Reports for various damages to buildings and repair

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