Rise Consulting Engineers Can Help with Your Strata Engineering Needs

Building owners, managers, and residents would like to know that the property is safe, stable, secure and likely to hold its value. Whether a single residential dwelling or a high-rise structure, the defects to buildings can either be from poor planning and execution at the design stage or inadequate maintenance during the life span of the building. Modifications to the existing buildings, if not properly planned, can also have an impact on performance of the structure.

At Rise Consulting Engineers, we inspect and focus on determining the root cause of the defects and future prevention of the defect as much as we focus on providing a long lasting, cost effective solution. Our Remedial Engineers provide tailored strata engineering solutions for your property in Sydney metropolitan and beyond.

Our Strata Engineering Services in Sydney

Our strata engineering services are essentially based on the following core steps:

  • Initial Inspection and Report
  • Investigations/further destructive testings if required
  • Repair Specification Report
  • Project Management services including: preparing tender documents, obtain quotes and engagement of remedial builder, site attendance and supervision and certification of the works completed.

Some of the common building defects are as follow:

Structural defects

Whether it is structural cracks, concrete spalling defects due to reinforcement corrosion, corroded steel lintels or brick ties or settlement of the foundation/footings, here at Rise Engineers, our highly experienced remedial team will determine the cause and the extent of the defect as well as prepare cost effective remedial repair specification reports.

Waterproofing defects

Water ingress in to building fabric is a common and a highly damaging problem faced by the construction industry. At Rise Engineers, we have the required depth of expertise to determine the cause and source of any water related defect and providing the best procedure for rectifying this. We handle the complete sequence from defect identification, inspection and reporting on causes and responsibilities to overseeing and reviewing the repairs.

Drainage defects

A proper roof and surface drainage can improve the performance of the building. Poor and defective drainage system can potentially cause movement of foundation material and ultimately causing footing movement and cracking of the structure. Defective stormwater drainage system can also cause dampness, mould formation and even flooding of the internal areas.

Rise Engineers are well versed with the drainage requirements and can specify drainage improvement measures which will in turn assist with your building overall performance.

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