Do you have Structural defects in your residential complex apartment or simply structural damages in a free-standing house?
At Rise Consulting Engineers, we focus on the investigation of the cause and future prevention of the defect as much as we focus on providing a long lasting, cost effective solution. Our range of remedial engineering services includes:

Concrete defects

Whether it is structural cracks, concrete spalling defects due to reinforcement corrosion, corroded steel lintels or brick ties, here at Rise Engineers, our highly experienced remedial team will determine the cause and the extent of the defect as well as prepare cost effective remedial repair specification reports. We will monitor and supervise the repair works to ensure the works are done properly and as per the required repair specifications.

Water proofing defects

Water ingress is a common and a highly damaging problem faced by the construction industry. At Rise Engineers, we have the required depth of expertise to determine the cause and source of any water related defect and providing the best procedure for rectifying this. We handle the complete sequence from defect identification, inspection and reporting on causes and responsibilities to overseeing and reviewing the repairs.

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