Post-tensioned concrete slabs are popular type of construction for multi-storey residential and commercial projects in Sydney and across Australia.

Depending on the project requirements, Post-tensioned slabs can have many advantages over conventional reinforced concrete slabs and other structural systems. Rise Consulting Engineers are trusted post tension contactor located in Sydney.

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Some of the advantages of post-tensioned slabs include:

  • Thinner slab plates hence increased floor-to-floor ceiling heights
  • Reduced overall weight of the building and hence smaller footings
  • Reduced steel reinforcement tonnage
  • Faster pour cycles & economic construction


The efficiency of the post tensioned concrete slab system is dependent on a number of factors such as the column layouts, available floor to floor headroom and specific project requirements.

Common types of post tensioned slabs are:

  • Flat plates
  • Flat slabs with drop panels
  • Banded beam and one-way slab system
Post Tension Sctructural
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Rise Consulting Engineers are a post tensioning company that provide recommendations to our clients on what type of post-tensioned concrete slabs will be the most feasible structural system for the project. Further, our engineers work with the post tension contractors during the construction phase for any possible cost saving solutions. We are experienced chartered engineers that take professional approach in designing and certification of your post tensioned concrete slabs.

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