Often required when you are selling or buying a new property, building defect inspections can tell you a lot about a structure. From discovering defects, you had not realised were there, to investigating the real causes of external damage and other issues, an in-depth inspection can provide invaluable information. It is worth taking the time to find an inspector who will fully understand the potential problems and advise on how to address them.

At Rise Consulting Engineers, we guarantee attention to detail. We will collaborate with you to address any concerns and questions and ensure you understand our process for the duration of the project. Not only does this kind of detailed communication help you avoid costly and unnecessary work, but it also provides you with confidence.

With an experienced team of structural and civil engineers, we offer a professional building inspection experience and treat your decisions and concerns with the attention it deserves. We consider all the information you require and assist in making smart choices on how to address potential defects and repairs. To find out how much of a difference attentive service like this will mean, click here to get in touch with Rise Consulting Engineers today.